Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!”

Robin Williams

And boy have we kicked off with a party here… Two of our four foals have arrived safely.

Introducing Wellfields Double 07 (Bond) by CASIRO and Wellfields Double 08 (Charm) by CEVIN Z

Wellfields Double 07 (Bond) is a super strong well built, well balanced colt with the kindest temperament and elastic movement. We are super proud of this star of the future. His mum Wellfields Double Take is going to FOR DANCE for next year. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Wellfields Double 08 (Charm) is a pocket rocket and charmed us from the minute she hit the ground! She has oodles of spirit, presence and energy with confidence and strength. We had to call her Double 08 she has 008 on her right side – spooky! Her mother Mane Attraction is going to LUIDAM for next year.

We are waiting on the arrival of the two dressage foals from DON FREDERICO and METALL Рthe anticipation is too much here at Castle Farm in the sunshine with the buttercups.